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RACE FOR THE NET tells the story of Network Solutions’ history of providing Internet access to the world. More than 25 years from this historical event, we are all facing global challenges with the continuous advancement of this amazing technology. At the beginning of the deployment of the Internet, few people accepted my prognostication for this technology and how it would change society.

My book RACE FOR THE NET provides my thoughts on how our communities today can generate economic wealth in the next decade and beyond. It provides a roadmap of how to avoid some of the bumps in the road and potential economic collisions. Most experts understanding trends from prior history believes between 2020-2030 some of the greatest changes will take place in our global economy, impacting everyone. This includes jobs that will be lost in the next decade and where future business and employment opportunities will exist. You need to know this information today so you can be prepared for the next Internet Revolution and what action you need to take today.

I have provided information in RACE FOR THE NET on current technologies and what changes we will see in the future. Knowing what Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Chatbot will be important in understanding what the impact they will have on our communities now and for the next generations.

I hope you will order RACE FOR THE NET providing you with opportunities on the Internet today and in the future. We need to become owners and not just consumers.

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